Data Center Corrosion In New Delhi

Data Center Corrosion leads to damage to data in stored in the database. Data Center Monitoring service help you protect your data center from threats of corrosion.

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Why Air Corrosion Testing in New Delhi is necessary?

It is of utmost importance that the Indoor Air should be regularly monitored and analysed. Any industrial or IT sector along with being corporate spaces, there needs to be a proper quality check on the air that surrounds the employees of the organization.

Keeping a watch on the air quality and rectifying the harmful gases affecting the health is what needs to be done. Analysis therefore, becomes important so that correct action can be taken for the same.

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FAQ’s about Data Center Corrosion in New Delhi

Environmental control programs for data centers and telecom facilities may be lacking a critical protective element: removal of gaseous pollutants that can harm sensitive electronics. Even extremely low levels of corrosive gases can have costly ramifications including warranty non-compliance, complete failure of electronic components and system downtime.
Corrosion of electronics is the result of a chemical reaction between gaseous pollutants and metals such as copper and silver and can occur quite rapidly in humid environments; especially in the presence of small amounts of atmospheric Sulphur and chlorine.
Small concentrations of humidity, temperature and various chemicals can lead to serious consequences like Data Center Corrosion.
Although temperature and humidity can be monitored through the HVAC system, measuring the effect of corrosion requires reactivity monitoring as prescribed by ISA, ASHRAE, and iNEMI. Installation and maintenance of technology ensures maximum performance and preventive mechanisms ensure minimum damage.
Air testing in New Delhi would serve to protect your data center from corrosion threats.


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