Indoor Air Quality Testing In New Delhi

New Delhi is a metropolitan city with major offices of various organisations. Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) is directly related to the health of the employees, thus companies emphasis heavily on air quality. Hence, IAQ becomes a matter of concern for most of the inhabitants.

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Why is Indoor Air Quality Testing In New Delhi essential?

While outside air environment continues to be a concern, the indoor environment is getting more attention as more workplaces are . Indoor Air Pollutants like Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide etc. are the major sources of contaminants.

Get your Indoor Air Quality tested today to ensure the air you breathe in your vicinity is healthy.

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FAQs about Indoor Air Quality in New Delhi

We breathe in a number of gases – which may or may not be harmful to our health. High quality of indoor air is essential for the good health of the inhabitants. Poor indoor air quality means health issues like nausea, headache, itchy eyes and may lead to respiratory tract disorders.
Poor air quality is indicated by bad smells in the air, with dust particles and chemicals. These odours indicate moist or damp air, which are sustainable environment for micro-organisms to reproduce. These microbes can carry diseases, cause difficulty in breathing and make the environment contaminated. That is why, to ensure productivity of inhabitants, improved shelf life of products and reduced diseases, indoor air quality testing is necessary


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